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Why free coffee in workplaces is a good idea

Are you someone who simply can’t function in the morning without a cup of Joe? Well, even if you aren’t, chances are a large chunk of people in your workplace rely on a coffee or two to make it through their workday. For some, it’s more than a quick caffeine hit. Coffee is social, it’s a ritual, and it’s part of people’s weekday routines. Here are a few reasons why offering free coffee to your staff members is a good idea.


It’ll increase productivity amongst staff

Plenty of research has shown that coffee makes people more productive. The caffeine in coffee works as a stimulant that increases activity in your brain, fights off feelings of sleepiness, and gets your cogs churning. All of these things in turn increase your focus and alertness. And of course, you are going to get a lot more work done and be more on the ball when that layer of brain fog disappears!


Boosted employee happiness

We know that coffee can make people more productive, but how does coffee make people feel? Offering free coffee in the workplace is like saying “Hey, we know you love this magical liquid, and we care about you and your needs.” When people know they have a hot beverage waiting for them on arrival to work, coming into the office first thing in the morning becomes something to look forward to. For our super coffee lovers, knowing they can have another cup any time throughout the workday will make them feel more comfortable and happier in the workplace too.


Easier WFH to Office transition

It’s important to note that many staff, especially office staff in New Zealand, are still making the transition from working from home to working in the office. At home, we can make a nice lunch in our own kitchen, have a 5-minute breather in our own backyard, and have our own coffee on our own couch. We’ve been used to this way of life on and off for a few years now, so if a workplace can offer staff things they can access easily at home, the transition back to office life will be less daunting and more exciting.



Having a coffee machine is great, but even better is having it in an area that could be treated as an open and shared working space. Many modern workplaces are having meetings in purpose-built workspaces instead of closed-off meeting rooms and enjoying a coffee together at the same time. Research also shows that coffee breaks and time spent away from your main working area stimulates you because you are freshening things up and changing your environment. This often increases energy and motivation. Add a good cup of coffee into the mix, and we have everything needed for a successful collaborative meeting!


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