A great boss once said…
“Coffee anyone?”

Every productive work day needs a shot of Café Direct coffee. It’s a ritual and reward for your staff. Whether you rent a coffee machine from us or not, you can still order our locally roasted, high-grade and consistent coffee blends that are delivered straight to your workplace.

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Revival Medium Roast Beans

Medium full-bodied, darker style roast 
Acidity: Medium to low.
Notes of cocoa with a floral finish.

1kg bag


Amore Medium Roast Beans

Medium body.
Acidity: Medium.  
A well balanced blend with a refined nutty finish.

1kg bag


Colombian Popayan Decaf Beans

Medium body.
Acidity: Medium to low. 
Our decaf uses a natural sugar cane process of decaffeination. 
Deliciously sweet and jammy, with notes of blackberry jam, molasses and dark chocolate. 

250gm bag


Revival Medium Roast Plunger

Velvety body, smooth, satisfying finish.

1kg bag


Decaf Ground

250gm bag

Cafe Direct Freeze Dried Coffee

We like to cause a stir, which is why our instant coffee is freeze dried, to ensure the best tasting coffee makes it into your cup. Velvety smooth, rich, full bodied tropical flavours with caramel undertones. it really is great coffee in an instant!


Temple Tea

English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Chamomile, Chai, Green, Peppermint, Black

100 env box

Temple Tea Pyramid Bags

English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Chamomile, Sencha (Green), Peppermint

100 per bag

Monin Syrups

Caramel, Hazelnut, Vanilla, Chai Tea

1L bottle

Cafe Direct White Sugar

3kg bag

Sugar Sticks

White Sugar, Raw Sugar, Artificial Sweetener


Wooden Stirring Sticks

1,000 bag

Taboo Drinking Chocolate

Taboo Rich Chocolate, Taboo Milk Chocolate


Our Sustainability Credentials

Quality coffee is important to us, but so is sustainability – as it is to you – and we’re proud of the steps we’ve taken towards it.

All of our coffee is roasted locally, in a Loring Smart Roaster. As the name implies, the Loring Smart Roaster is smart; it uses up to 80% less fuel, and emits far fewer emissions than conventional roasters. It’s high level precision roasting means we extract the very best from the beans, resulting in consistently excellent coffee that not only your employees will appreciate, but the planet will too.

And to round things off, all of the bags that we supply this coffee in are fully recyclable, including the valves.

What’s not to love?

Not sure which coffee is best for you?

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