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Creating great workplace culture

Culture is something that surrounds us all the time. At home, out for dinner with friends, in the workplace. Culture, in most settings, is a shared set of belief systems influenced by the people that make up that environment. However, in a workplace, it can be a little different. Workplace culture is less controlled by the people who are in the environment such as employees, and more by the organisational direction and management it is run by. The people that make up these groups have an important influence on workplace culture. If you’re one of those people, we’ve put together some thoughts on what we think creates a culture that employees will thrive in.


Having shared social spaces

Have shared spaces that allow for social interaction, like an open plan kitchen space, and collaborative working areas. A great way of encouraging this is by having a coffee machine set up in one of these areas, for staff to come and go and make themselves a warm drink when they want. Without an area like this, staff leave the office for varied periods of time to coffee shops outside of the office. Often this happens in small groups or just one person, which takes culture outside of the physical office. Having staff in one area as opposed to dispersed elsewhere brings them together and encourages social interaction between employees that might be from different departments or might not have had the opportunity to get to know each other yet.


Being inclusive

Workplace culture starts with everyone feeling like they are welcome, safe, and free to be themselves. Of course, this comes down to treating people with respect, but this feeling can also be created by providing staff with safe places. On a broader level, inclusive spaces can be created simply by allowing staff to spend time with each other. For example, having areas within the workplace that aren’t dedicated specifically for work or meetings, where employees can casually connect with each other and share personal and life experiences. Spaces like this can include kitchens, coffee areas, and breakout spaces like patios or outdoor nature areas.


Creating rewards for employees

Research shows that having motivated and engaged employees is one of the top factors that contribute to a company’s success. Employee rewards are a great way of increasing these factors amongst your staff. Rewards don’t have to be big either. For example, good free coffee in the workplace is an inexpensive yet largely valuable perk that shows your staff that you appreciate the work they put in and their commitment to the company. Providing employees with warm beverages of their choice no matter the time of day, gives them a chance to pause work, shift their mind to something else, and recharge so they can begin their next task feeling rewarded and refreshed.


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