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Why push button coffee machines are great for the office

Caffeine is the perfect way for busy companies to give their staff the boost they need throughout the day. Life’s too short for bad coffee right?

But time is short too nowadays, and if you’re already time poor, automatic coffee machines are a life saver. They’re pretty straight forward and user friendly, so you don’t need to be a barista to be able to use them. They come with an array of different beverage options at the push of a button and make fresh coffee to your liking. Because these machines are fully automated and programmed to pre-set specifications, there’s no room for mistakes, meaning you’ll always get a great quality cup every time.

Wake up and smell the freshly brewed coffee!

We all like our beverages made in certain ways, and an automated machine will take care of everyone’s different tastes and get it right first time. Whether that’s a flat white, cappuccino, latte, mocha or just a simple hot chocolate, you can guarantee it will hit the mark on freshness and taste.

Apart from tasting good, there are so many wonderful benefits that caffeine can provide, both physically and emotionally to a workplace. It’s the perfect reward that encourages socialising, increases productivity, and creates happier staff overall, which equals great culture.

Each machine will of course have varying features, but more often than not they are loaded with plenty of personalised solutions. Meaning, you can choose exactly what happens at the push of a button. Whether you want to use a grinder for whole beans or simply have ground coffee. These settings will help change the brewing times based on the variety of coffee you have used, and whip it up exactly how you imagined it.

At Café Direct we can design a unique coffee solution that’s right for your business and your staff. We have an extensive range of coffee machines available, whether you’re a small to medium sized business, or need a large scale machine that you know will be reliable and create quality coffee in every cup.

We do regular servicing, provide free training for your staff and supply quality coffee ready to go. Get in touch on 0800 836 346 or enquire online about our different coffee machine options to suit your workplace.


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