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6 Tips to Convince Your Boss to Invest in an Office Espresso Machine

Sick of having to leave the office to find good coffee? Wish you could whip up an espresso in the staff kitchen, rather than stirring some instant coffee into boiling water? If so, it may be time to consider convincing your boss to invest in an office espresso machine.

Maybe your boss doesn’t share your love for great coffee, but there are other benefits to investing in an office espresso machine. Here’s six reasons you can bring to your boss to convince him to get an office espresso machine.

1. Office espresso machines create a better office environment

Nothing beats the smell of freshly brewed coffee in the morning. Even if your boss doesn’t love coffee in the same way you do, there’s something about the fragrance that improves everyone’s morning. If your boss is sick of seeing sullen ‘morning faces’, an office espresso machine is a surefire cure.

Inform your boss about the positive effects of fulfilling everyone’s desire for coffee. As well as keeping his employees perked up, coffee can improve morale as well. Staff will appreciate having their favourite brew available to them at the office. They’ll have more positive attitudes as a result, creating a more positive atmosphere in the office overall. As your boss already knows, higher office morale means better performance, from both individual employees and the business as a whole.
Which brings us to the next point…

2. Fresh coffee improves productivity

If your boss cares about one thing, it’s the performance of the business. Good thing that nothing improves performance like an office espresso machine! Staff will feel great knowing they have free, quality coffee available in the office kitchen. They’ll be more engaged than ever!

Let your boss know that an office espresso machine is really a business investment. It’ll create happier, more productive workers; surely a benefit for any office.

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3. Decreased downtime

Rather than being forced to drink instant coffee in the office, many workers opt for a walk down to the local café to purchase a quality beverage. Often, they’ll go in groups, turning it into a social occasion and causing multiple members of staff to be leaving the office at one time. This often happens twice, or even three times during the work day! All that time away from the desk adds up, and your boss already knows it.

Reduce the downtime with an office espresso machine. Now your goals are perfectly aligned with management! While you salivate thinking about fresh coffee, your boss will be dreaming about the added value from extra time his employees will be spending at their desks.

4. Coffee makes for good hospitality

If a client or other business associate walks into the office for a meeting, what better way to greet them than with the fragrance of fresh, quality coffee, and an offer to make them one? If there’s one thing your boss cares about more than business performance, it’s how the business is represented to others. Having high quality fresh coffee available at the office is sure to leave a good impression on guests.

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5. A great espresso machine isn’t expensive.

As compelling as the above points may be, the deal breaker at the end of the day is going to be price. Don’t go to your boss to convince them to buy or rent an office espresso machine without knowing how much it’s going to cost. The good news though, is that your boss probably doesn’t know how affordable an office espresso machine can be! At Café Direct we have a range of espresso machines available, depending on your needs.

6. Service reliability

The last objection you may hear is that espresso machines are unstable, and often need expensive repairs and maintenance. This isn’t the case with the quality of machines we sell and rent at Café Direct! We only supply the finest equipment for offices around the country – espresso machines you can rely on.

Sure, they need maintenance every now and then just like any other machine, but we’ll maintain and repair our office espresso machines for free as long as you meet the minimum volume of coffee orders. There really is no downside to having an office espresso machine, and you can let your boss know that!

No matter the size of your business, there’s an office espresso machine to suit. Don’t let anyone get between you and fresh coffee. For the best deals and advice on supplying high quality coffee to your office, contact us today.


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