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How coffee benefits employees

How do you show your employees you appreciate them? Coffee. Yes believe it or not, coffee is a great way to bring staff together, increase productivity, help retain mental focus, create collaborative opportunities, allow for quick breaks, and boost overall workplace happiness and job satisfaction.

Coffee machines within an office encourage socialising and problem solving amongst peers. This will help improve staff culture within a company and encourage staff to get to know each other. It’s also a good excuse to have a breather and stretch the legs. This can help with brain block and help regain mental focus. A well-deserved coffee break is a nice little reward after a productive work session.

If a business doesn’t offer hot beverage options, chances are staff will be taking longer breaks out of their day to go buy a cup from a nearby café. If you offer inhouse coffee solutions, you’re creating an opportunity within the office to have micro breaks instead.

Caffeine is also a great way of fighting off sleepiness and boost focus. Staff can refuel to get over that midday hump and power on through the rest of the day.

So if you don’t yet offer a coffee solution in your office, you’re missing out on the opportunity to show your employees you value them, all while strengthening your workplace culture, and keeping productivity humming.

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