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Everything you need to know about fresh bean coffee machines

If you’re looking for the highest quality cup of coffee, with the best flavours and aromas, you can’t go past fresh coffee beans. There are a range of fresh bean coffee machines out there that offer a mixture of convenience and quality. Here’s why you should consider a fresh bean coffee machine.

What are the benefits of fresh bean coffee machines?

As we all know, great coffee smells and tastes amazing. As soon as the beans are ground however, they begin to lose that all important natural aroma and flavour. The longer the period of time between grinding and brewing, the more the flavour will be negatively impacted.

There are four reasons for this:

1. Oxidation

Coffee beans are made of various complex, and fragile compounds. Just like how food goes stale when left uncovered, the quality of your coffee beans are at risk the longer they are exposed to air. While the beans will last a while if kept whole, grinding them increases the rate of oxidation considerably.

2. Moisture

The perfect cup of coffee comes together as the oils within the coffee beans dissolve into water. Did you know though, that even the moisture in the air can begin this process? The more humid your environment, the worse the effect. Fresh coffee beans can resist this reaction far better than ground coffee.

3. Co2 depletion

As well as those precious oils, fresh coffee beans contain carbon dioxide, or CO2. It’s the CO2 that helps transfer the oils into your cup of coffee. Coffee beans are very porous by nature, and so the longer they are left, the more CO2 escapes. As with the previous two points, grinding your coffee beans only serves to speed this process up.

4. Contamination

Ever notice that bad smells linger, even after the source is removed? Strong smells often cling to absorbent and porous materials… like your coffee beans. Grinding them up only gives bad smells more surface area to cling on to.

These are the four main reasons that fresh bean coffee is often superior to pre-ground. To maintain quality control, and have a greater chance at brewing a perfect cup of coffee, fresh beans are the way to go.

What to consider before purchasing a fresh bean coffee machine

Now that you know why fresh beans are favoured by coffee fanatics, you can have a look at what fresh bean coffee machines are on offer. They’re all capable of creating a fresh, aromatic, barista quality beverage, but there are considerations to make.

Consider the following before making a purchase:

Size – It has to fit in the space you have available! Luckily there are often multiple size options available.
Features – Do you need temperature control, frothing, pressure control, cleaning and descaling functions?
Milk – Would you rather use milk powder that lasts longer, or do you prefer the taste of fresh milk?

There are many different types of fresh bean coffee machines available to rent or purchase. Don’t get overwhelmed! We’re here to help. At Café Direct we offer a high-quality range of Krea, Karisma, and Kalea fresh bean coffee machines for your workplace.

Don’t settle for mediocre coffee. Try fresh bean coffee and change your work life forever!


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