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10 Workplace routines that all involve coffee

We all know how important coffee is in our lives – apparently 52% of us Kiwi’s will go out of our way for a good cup of coffee. And so, it’s no surprise that we see coffee playing such a big role in our working lives as well as on the weekends.

Here’s a list of the 10 workplace routines where our customers say they enjoy our coffee.

1. The wake me up coffee

There’s more than a few classic memes we use around the team about that first coffee in the morning. My personal fav – “Insert Coffee to begin”. It’s almost a daily ritual within the business, where before we even get sat down in front of our computer screens, we head to the kitchen and make ourselves a coffee to get us started.

2. The it’s break time coffee

Does anyone in your team use the Pomodoro Technique at work? We all need to take breaks in between the workload and often a trip to the office coffee machine to make another coffee allows us to step away from the screen for 10 minutes for a brain break.

3. The team meeting coffee

Many a team meeting starts with a round of coffees depending on the time of day. It’s often a great way to break the ice before getting stuck into a brainstorming session or to warm people up before you pitch a new idea and ask for their support. Never underestimate the power of a good cup of coffee to get people on side.

4. The, ‘nope, still not awake’ second coffee

Sometimes one coffee is just not enough. Need we say more?

5. The 3pm slump coffee

We all know the feeling of that 3pm slump. Some reach for the sugar hit, others seek out a caffeine fix to get them through. You might even double up – no judgement here!

6. The coaching catch-up coffee

Coaches and mentors at work are such a great practice. Whether you’re aiming to develop a specific skill set and have reached out to someone who’s talented in that area to pick their brains. Or you might be tackling a new project due to a promotion and could use some insights from someone who’s got a few more years’ experience.

7. The getting to know you coffee

When you start a new job and want to get to know your team better, sitting down over a coffee to have an informal chat around the business, their experience and to understand their motivations or objectives is usually a great way to start.

8. The starting a big piece of work coffee

We don’t know about you, but when we’re sitting down to get started on a chunky piece of work, we usually go make a cup of coffee as a preparation ritual. Maybe we think it’s got super powers or maybe it’s just the habit of preparing the coffee that gets our minds into the right place to be really focused.

9. The visitor coffee

When someone drops by for a meeting, it’s always a nice gesture to offer them a drink. Just like with team meetings, it’s a great way to break the ice and kick start conversations. Not to mention making the person feel welcome.

10. The ‘sad your leaving’, ‘happy birthday’, ‘welcome to the family’ brunch coffee

Brunches have become the signature event in a lot of workplaces to mark several occasions. And with brunch usually comes coffee. Whether you’re seeing someone off, wishing them a happy birthday, welcoming them to the team…the list goes on.

How many of these weekly activities do you drink an office coffee during?


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