Our team are super dedicated and passionate about everything coffee, going that extra mile to make sure the brew in your hand is absolutely perfect. To ensure you can enjoy your best coffee at work there are lots of different things the team need to get right.

They understand the importance of coffee culture around the world, the type of soil the beans are grown in, how it is packed and shipped to New Zealand, how it is ground, and the best coffee machine you should use to get it in your cup. It’s great to know that the people who bring you that delicious taste are dedicated to making your coffee as high quality as possible.

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There’s a lot to learn about the world of coffee, and luckily our experts have done all the hard work for you.

We all have our own favourite way of taking our coffee, but how do our true aficionados like their coffee in the morning? We got them to sit down for a chat (coffee in hand of course!) and asked them how they like to start the day.

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Leigh, Business Manager Amatil Coffee Roasters

“I am madly busy in the morning being a mum of three boys. This makes the first coffee in the morning even more important! I try and grab my coffee of choice at home before eating my breakfast at work, which is usually porridge, fruit, and yoghurt. I am a vegetarian so getting the protein hit of the oats is key to a productive day. My favourite coffee has to deliver a good caffeine hit to get me through the school drop offs and the commute. I love a double shot 8oz flat white, with Arabica beans.”

JS, Senior Key Account Executive Amatil Coffee Roasters

“I am really lucky because I can cycle to work. Of course, we have the most amazing coffee to choose from at Café Direct, but I don’t like to leave the house and face the cold mornings until I have had my toasty hot filter coffee. Once I get to work, the in-house baristas are often experimenting with new blends, so I get to try these. My preference is for a long black as I am watching my puku.”

Marcels, Coffee Service Agent

“I have a sweet tooth so love to take my coffee with a small slice of homemade lemon cake. Mouthwatering! I like to let my short black coffee cool down a full few minutes before I drink it, as I think this allows the aroma to develop and I can ‘savour the flavour’.”

Cat, Operations Manager Amatil Coffee Roasters

“I have a Keep cup which I have been using for over a year now. I drink a LOT of coffee so that’s a lot of saved paper cups! I like a long drink to get me going before a busy day, so I choose a 12oz long black but with a dash of non-dairy milk like Oat or Rice.”

Tom, National Key Accounts Manager- Amatil Coffee Roasters

“My job is to make coffees all day at Café Direct to test the beans and blends we use. Obviously, I really love a good cup and I have very high standards for what I make myself, but I am less fussy when I am out and about. I just enjoy the fact someone else is making it for me! I truly appreciate a great Flat White, a double pour of espresso topped with gently-steamed milk to give it a smoother texture than cappuccino foam”.

Emma, Marketing Manager Amatil Coffee Roasters

“I like a good latte, but equally if it is ‘that’ kind of morning then a flat white does the job; always in the morning, always after my breakfast!”

There you have it – how our team of experts like to drink their coffee.

How do you like yours?

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